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At the very core, we are a curious bunch. We like people and want to know about their lives and their why’s. Here are a few stories we’ve had the pleasure of sharing, stories about interesting people who do, well, interesting things, and each work hard in their daily lives to better the world through art, nature, delicious drinks, meditation, and many things you’ll just have to watch for to see for yourself.

Get your popcorn ready, your notebooks out, sit back and enjoy these Treefort Stories.



Let’s be honest… You’ve probably found us on Instagram or are looking at this on your phone. Social media is a part of our lives and helps us express who we are, what we like, and what inspires us. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. etc. are great places to tell the world about YOU and what you do, in daily/weekly short bursts.

Here are some of the short, but sweet pieces we’ve created for brands to tell their story/inspire the world: