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A Modern Day Renaissance Woman | Samantha Whillock

Meet the woman of many talents and trades, saying yes to every creative challenge that comes her way.

Sam is a woman of many trades and talents. She’s a creative in all meanings of the word, a curious explorer of life and its many wonders. Describing her in a single word, or even three or ten or thirty-five, is near impossible because, well, encapsulating people in words is just hard to do! It’s even harder when you’re describing Sam, a photographer, designer, a sometimes clothing maker, homemaker, teacher, baker, artist, among many many other things.

These days we often ask someone what they do. We believe it gives us insight into their personality, their life, their hopes and dreams. It can. And for Sam, what she does offers a small glimpse into the world of a modern renaissance woman, a yes-woman who’s biggest goal is to serve deserving people through her creative trades and talents.