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Fashion photography is where it all started for us. We love the art of showcasing new trends and timeless staples through photo, blurring the lines between lifestyle and editorial, and using our creativity and talents to tell a story through fashion, beauty, and travel.

HALF DAY RATE: starting at $1,000
FULL DAY RATE:  starting at $5,000
MULTI-DAY RATE: starting at $10,000

HALF DAY RATE: starting at $2,000
FULL DAY RATE:  starting at $4,000
MULTI-DAY RATE: starting at $6,000


Remember show and tell? We do, and even though we’ve grown up quite a bit since those days, we still love to show off the things we love. Through video and film, we bring fashion into action, showing off the textures, movements, and personality of clothes and the people who wear them.


We manage large campaigns for national brands that include collaborative creative concepting, storyboarding, location scouting, casting, styling, hair & makeup, directing, shooting, food service, as well as post-production to deliver your dream. Treefort regularly produces Instagram stories, styled social media photos, social media videos, Youtube videos, lookbooks and broadcast commercials.


*Costs include variable items (which you control the budget of) such as talent, wardrobe, props, location fees, etc. These each vary based on the concept, and therefore cannot be estimated ahead of time. We’ve done shoots with as little as $500 in costs for a single-model shoot and up to $35,000.  We will work with you to control your costs and get the most value out of each shoot.

Production of content such as social media stories, commercials, lookbook videos, etc. will be quoted in addition.